Friday, 9 October 2015

Motorcycle-friendly UK offers free parking for bikers!

I recently returned from a 10-day visit to the United Kingdom. Our party of three rented motorcycles and began our journey north from London to Fort William, Scotland.

Prior to our arrival in the U.K., we were already aware that motorcyclists and taxis can use bus lanes in some cities. This helps ease congestion and saves fuel.

We also knew that motorcyclists are allowed to go to the head of the queue at red traffic lights, versus waiting in line with automobiles. Motorcyclists are also allowed to "lane split," which is traveling at a very low speed down the center of the road when traffic is at a complete standstill. British motorists
move over to allow motorcycles safe passage down the middle.

What we did discover on this trip was that motorcyclists are exempt from tolls on bridges. Motorcyclists simply slow at the toll collection area and are waved through by the toll attendant. Paid parking lots in cities all have areas specifically designated for motorcycles only. These too are free of charge. Gas is just over $8 a gallon ($2/litre) in Europe and because of this, there are many scooters and motorcycles on European roadways. Motorists are courteous to bikers, and laws are in place to help keep us moving safely, while saving gas and easing congestion.
-James Baron

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